I Believe I have Missed Something?

I Have a Bounty Hunter SSII.
Under Coin Shooting it states:
Control Setting Required.
  1. Press DISC/All Metal Touch Pad
  2. Turn the DISC/Notch Knob to the 3:00 Position.
Believe I missed something somewhere???

I see :
  • All Metal
  • Disc
  • Notch
  • Auto Notch
Where is the DISC/All Metal Touch Pad????


Wyatt Earp

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If there's a pad you touch to pinpoint....that should be it. They don't say to press and hold......seems they could do a little better job of explaining.

No Pin Point

In order to pinpoint you place it all metal mode and the hold the coil up until you don't hear anything and then move it down until you get a strong signal. It works fairly well.


Have a SS II. Motion All-Metal Mode is Disc mode button with the discrimination 100% counterclockwise (detecting all metals). The All Metal button is for No Motion all metal