I can't be the only one here that dives.

OK, where are all the divers? This is an empty forum.

I sometimes use my boat to get to hunt areas that are hard to get to from shore and I usually dive alone though it is not safe. I carry a pony bottle plus a spare air and hardly go deeper than 30 ft. Though with the Hookah I sometimes go deeper. Now days you need someone in your boat while your gone or it won't be there when you come up.:lol:


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Hi Sandman.I dive but still waiting for the water to warm up.My crazy sister whent swimming the other day ....so it's getting close ! :biggrin:


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Aloha Sandman, i dive also. Talk about treasure just awaiting for me!! I have not even started searching over here with tanks yet... so much more to get!!!! Shaka Mikey


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Hey Sandman:

I am a PADI diver. I have done several salvage dives in the Gulf of Mexico.

I live in Illinois and I don't like cold water diving. So don't expect any IL underwater detecting reports. :lol:


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I use to be able to Free Dive down to 100ft in Greece.

I bet I would drown in a deep mud puddle today!

Funny how time catches up with ya!:rofl::rofl:

Not Really, Given time I could learn to hold again and get down to 10ft??????????:cool:


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I have done quite a bit of diving but not for treasure. I would think the lakes in michigan are a bit clearer now that the zebra mussel has done its job.. I hope to get out and do some diving once I put down the ciggies again.. Good luck with your dive hunts


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I dove a lot in the 80's and 90's...haven't put on the tanks since 2005...my last dive was to help the local sheriff's office search for a drowning victim...in the winter...in water so murky you couldn't see your hand in front of your face...
Haven't been diving in years, but I'm buying a used keene electric hookah and will be getting back into it this year. Gonna do a little practice in a pool to familliarize myself with the hookah it seems to be a different critter than scuba.



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I would love to learn how to dive but wouldn't know where to start. I love the water and always have. Maybe MTU holds classes but for now I'll stick to looking in the water with a snorkel mask.:err:
I'd like to learn how to scuba dive but I doubt I'd find a wetsuit that'll fit me,plus I would float like an empty beer keg, I'll need alot of lead to keep me down.
Aloha, I just recently took my Minelab Excalibur out with a tank on and scoured the sandy bottom for over an hour and found.....1 quarter. I was getting a ton of interference on discriminate mode and ended up having to hunt in all metal mode (pinpoint). A bit frustrating. Could this be from having the dive shaft on? With the head so close to the electronics? I am going out again soon and will experiment a bit more. Any info would be great!!


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Aloha Jiggy, if it's the stock shaft , it should not bother it. Hey we need to hunt together again soon. You still got my # ? Mikey
Found 2 out of 3 rings

Last summer I received a phone call from a local resident asking if any members of our Fire Dept. team would be interested in going to the Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri) and try to recover 3 lost rings. We are located in central Illinois. Since I am always up for a challange, I accepted as well as another member of the team. The rings were lost in approx 25 ft. of water while swimming around a dock. We took an underwater metal detector and our scuba equipment and were on our way. The vis was 4-6 inches and the area around the dock was loaded with trash. We were able to find 2 of the 3 rings after 2 days of diving. The metal detector proved worthless in the heavy trash and had to search the area (30 x 40ft) by feel and what little sight we had. Dove inverted with our noses on the bottem. Attached is the photo of the finds. As you can imagine, by looking at the photo, the owner was very happen to get them back. The 1 we did not find was a pinky ring of little value, the others were very high value items.


Scuba find at Molokini

Hey Mike! I would write you a reply, but needed one more post do send a pm. Thanks for the info! Went to Molokini a few days ago and.....scored my first ring withing 5 minutes of being in the water!! Also some WW2 airplane bullets. I do still have your number. Need to pay rent, so let's go find that gold! My friend has a boat if you ever want to go out to molokini for a pretty easy hunt. Just have to watch out for those reef sharks! (dive knife came in handy the other day!) Aloha my friend!! Also....thanks to sandman for the helpful info. Still having problems, but just turn the threshold down until I can't hear it, and then scan my watch to make sure it still hits. Worked pretty good! Thanks again, I will toy around with it some more soon. My Disc./Pinpoint knob just spun on me last dive, so I now need to come up with a solution for that. Read that it's a pretty common problem with the Excal. Aloha!
Love metal detecting both land and sea

I still own my first Whites detector bought new in 1983, 6000 DI series 3. My first coin was found before I even stepped off the porch, an 18?? Seated Liberty quater. I was hooked real bad…. I was a metal detector junkie. In 1983 purchased second detector, Whites Spectrum XLT. Both machines were paid for many times over with all the coins and rings I've found through the years.

Also during this time I was certified in SCUBA and progressed to Dive Master. Wanting more experience I joined the tactical rescue team in my area.

For six years starting in 1998, I asked a Florida Keys treasure hunting team to let me dive with them, as they searched for treasure on their 1733 Spanish galleon wreck site. They were so exclusive and secretive I was surprised when I was invited to join them.

I devised a method to track and log the exact locations of my finds with accuracy without having to surface to get a campus bearing on land. Whenever I find a good target with my aquapulse metal detector I draw the tether tight on my GPS floating in a dry-box, until it is hovering directly above me on the surface. I log the time on my watch and match it to the corresponding time and location when I download the GPS data to my computer. With this method I can find the same objects or debris path without placing any telltale floats or markers on the surface.

Although I'm alone at the bottom of the ocean, when I'm metal detecting for treasure, my spotter on the boat always knows he can find me tied to the line at the other end of my GPS.


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Lifelong competetive swimmer here who has never dived but always wanted to pick it up. What better than to combine detecting and diving!! Unfortunately, I'm landlocked... maybe someday...