I found a 150 for 60 bucks today at a pawn shop

It is my first detector. I am wanting a 250 but I figured for 60 bucks, I couldn't pass it up. It didn't come with a manual, what settings should I set it on for starting out?


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The 150 is a turn on and go machine. Just turn it on and start hunting. Excellent price too. The 150 will help you find enough coinage to make your 250 free.


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basically like said its a turn on a go, the 150 has 3 modes...all metal, jewelry and coin mode, which are 3 preset discriminations, so take your pick. the only other adjustment setting is the sensitivity. since the ace 150 has no pinpoint feature the X marks the spot method is used


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$60 bucks for the 150 is a steal! That's a good starter detector. Just make sure you dig the pulltabs or you'll miss gold rings.