I have a Garrett 1500 target ID question

I have just purchased a gently used 1500, took it out before even bench testing it and found 2 pieces of gold jewlery. (Showed up in the nickel range) I was quite impressed. Bench testing it later, the target ID was pretty good, depth was very good. Here's my question...when bench testing say a quarter, target ID, size and depth was right on, however when the quarter was say 10 inches away from the coil the ID changed, and the size ID said it was a big target. When I had stopped at a local park after purchasing this unit. I had hit a couple of targets that were over 10 inches deep, but the size was soda can big and did not dig them. Wonder if these could have been old coins now. Any 1500 users experience this?


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Welcome to TQ the absolute best forum. Here you will find a family of super nice folks that are knowledgeable about most things, some more than others:psmile:.

I don't run that machine so I can't answer the question you have. Someone who has more knowledge than I will be along shortly.

One way to find out would be to dig ALL targets that sound off, big, small, shallow, or deep cause you never know what's down there.

Congrats on the first finds of gold.
Excellent point...dig everything, at least until you learn the machine. Later after i'd thought about it...hmm...I doubt a soda can can sink 12 inches down...lol. I am quite impressed with the 1500 so far. Going to head up into Calif gold country this weekend and give it a whirl and see how it does with the nuggets.
Thanks! In bench testing with different size nuggets, it does very well. Speaking of which...I wonder how well it will do with ground balancing in the Sierra Nevada Mtns., as well as the hot rocks. Hell, got the spare big coil for it...I understand it can be used for relic hunting...


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once ya get beyond 8-10 inchs don't rely on the "size imaging", try removing a few inches of dirt then resweep the hole and see if the target ID changes or stays the same. but for anything 1-8 inches it seems the size imaging is right on, it seems that deeper coins (or any metal) gives off a larger halo and messes with the imaging...atleast thats what i'm thinking

But another thing to try, after you get a target like that raise the coil a foot of the ground and if you still get a great signal and says 10 inches still then its a big Target Like a can.
I have detected cans in parks down 15 inches. they push the dirt around up here to make the parks leveler.
Happy Hunting