I have a new Land Star


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Hey Too congrats on the new Detector! I do not run one, but know you will do well with it. Good luck to you hunting, Beale.
Congratulations on the new detector.I have not used one but I know several people using many Bounty Hunters and they are happy with them and find a lot of neat stuff.Get out there and post some finds.HH


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Thanks everyone, I can't wait for the 5' snowbanks to go down lol, and
bbq, the headset is custom fit for me, thanks again !!!!!! They work great with it.


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The 5' snow bank had me wondering if I was in the Twilite Zone, then I noticed the date of this thread.....January-09. I guess the machine ain't new any more.......:rofl:


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Congrats, I have had good luck with mine. I usually just hunt for coins and jewelry. The 4 inch nugget buster coil is deadly in tot lots and close in areas. Good luck! CG
Nice unit

The Land Star was my first "modern" detector from back when i used to swing a JetCo Search Master. I was very happy with it and have found all kinds of good stuff with it too. I still have it and let friends that do not own a detector use it when they go detecting with me. It is a real underrated unit in my opinion. I like all of the controll options it gives the user without being overwhelming. It resparked the Bug in me. :smile:
If you have trouble exact pinpointing heres a tip.
With the 8" coil once youve found a target to pinpoint,put it into all metal
away from the target ,move in towards the target to the point the pitch
starts to rise ,then press the ground track button. Imediatly the sound decreases then swing over the target,the PP area has reduced to a verry small area....this is called detuning.

hope this helps!