I have a new Land Star

If you have trouble exact pinpointing heres a tip.
With the 8" coil once youve found a target to pinpoint,put it into all metal
away from the target ,move in towards the target to the point the pitch
starts to rise ,then press the ground track button. Imediatly the sound decreases then swing over the target,the PP area has reduced to a verry small area....this is called detuning.

hope this helps!

Thanks it helped me out as well, I love my BH and I will try that when I get home on leave from Iraq!


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The Landstar is no slouch of an MD.I had one but recently sold it not that i didn't like it i just wanted something more simple not that the Landstar isn't but ended up going with a Tesoro Compadre instead.When i had my Landstar i would run it in Auto/Notch and did quite well with that setting.The machine goes very deep and is a pleasure to use.Many of my finds were in the 6-8" range with some even going deeper,i would not hesitate buying another and don't let some of the replies about them being junk on other sites get to you because they are far from being anything but good detectors and have been around for quite along time.Some of the best engineers have had alot to do with the Bounty Hunters for example Dave Johnson and George Payne.Take a look at the Tracker IV it hasn't had any mods. done for years,i think that says alot for them.


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I wonder if any others have bought one recently either ???, and what do
you think of it ?
Hello, new to the forum, I currently own the BH Landstar, I've had it for several years, found a bucket full of coins and a few rings, it does go deep,, found coins in the 7 to 8 inch range at the deepest,, soil condition were just right , I usually run mine with little to no discrim, and sensitivity as hot as it will stand with out falseing, if it starts I just back off in that area and go right back up again,, just a preference of mine, is noisy because you hear all the junk but also will hear that quick high tone that makes you go back and circle where you heard it,, I've enjoyed using it.. not a slouch by no means.. HH