I hope this isn't a Joke

Well guys here is my story....

Brain might remember me from Icon, And that I love telling my stories. And I have one to share. I was up this morning before work watering the flowers when a lady walked by. It was like 6 am. She said good morning then went on to tell me how much she liked my insulators on the fence. I have some cross arms on the top so the insulators stick above the fence. But anyway she asked how many I had and I told her around 2000 or so. She gasped and said thats a lot and walked on. Well today at work I was telling the guys I work with about it. Then one of them started telling me about a farm house for sale and that he was checking it out and seen 3 55 gallon barrels full of insulators out back of the property. Of course I was like really. He said yep! Then went on to say that the basement was full of them as well. So I asked well who lives there. He said nobody. That the house is vacant and they was left behind. So he's suppose to bring the address tomorrow and I'll have to go check it out. But I'm guessing there all commons.
Hoping for the best though might be some nice colored ones in there. I'll take some photos if this turns out to be true. Till then stay safe guys and gals. Joe
I was thinking a person could use them for a glass wall. the fence post sound better. read a post and said there worth money. guess you may of read it too. what ever you decide I hope they are there and you enjoy them.
LOL well I guess it was what I really expected. Loads and loads of commons. So with that i will get some photos going

1st is the basement. hard to make out but there is a shelf whit what seems to be insulators stacked on it. Now what I see is a pile of 42's :lol:

2nd is at a distance. it shows the barrels by the tree left side there are 3 of them, and the barrels by the slab of cement, again there are 3 there as well.

Now these next three are looking into the barrels on the left. I didn't dig around neighbors wher out. And there didn't look to be anything worth collecting.

LOL OOPS Camera strap oh well life has it's up's and down's.

Now I moved over to the slab and took the rest of the photos. One is rusted through big time and there spilled all over. I didn't look in the center on. then there is the one almost on it's side full on 40s and 42s.
as I get closer

And even closer lol

there won't be no fighting over these :duel:LOL. enjoy!! It was truly worth the few days of excitment leading up to the trip over there. Like a powerball ticket before they draw.
if i had the space to keep them i wouldve still got them the commons will be uncommon 1 of these days because alot of ppl overlook them.... but then again im a packrat...lol
I took a few hundred that had some minor damage and buried them along side the house fondation. In the back yard. Thinking that same thought you just mentioned. But it will be many years before those have any value. So I'll have to write up where they are for the next buyer of this home. and just maybe in another hundred years they can dig them up and get something for them ?? never know.


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I think I remember you from ICON if you are Joe. Cool photos and thanks for sharing.

I always enjoyed your stories and enjoy them here as well. I would encourage you to rejoin ICON sometime.