I like it!

I used my BH Land Star for the first time today and had a great time.

After reading the instructions and doing some known target test, it was very easy to use in the field.
After learning the different tones for the different types of targets, the diggings got better and better.

I can't compair my experience with another type of detector but I can say this. I found things my first time out and look forward to using my detector again.

NV Rick



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nice work

what are the bigger coins? Quarters? looks like you had a good day, i'd be happy with that! :smile:


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I know this post is an oldie, but glad to read it. I have a new Land Star that the snow kept me from getting it out in the woods, but sure have been playing with all the controls and settings this winter with. I used a borrowed older, and cheaper Bounty Hunter to start out with, and had alot of fun, and found more than I thought I would. This one has such better and more popular features that I'm excited about ! Good luck with yours, and I'll post how I do with mine in the Spring.