I love this thing!


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The very first time out with it in the back yard, not 5 minutes and got a hit. I dug down about 6 inches and recovered an 1896 V-nickel in VF+ I was scratching my head wondering how Id ever missed it as other detectors have been over the yard.

That has been the start of a great few months of coin and other finds.


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Ric-- I honestly do not know. I had just got it assembled and took it out back to see if I could get a feel for the machine. I was about 8ft from the clothes line pole and got a strong tone. (I really didnt know exactly what I was doing) as its brand new. So I dug out a plug and waved it over the plug, no signal. Back over the hole it went off again and I dug down a bit further.

It popped out and it was had a very dark patina to it. I thought ok, just a Jefferson. And, it was neat to find something so quick. I came in the house and looked a bit closer and thought wait thats not a Jefferson nor a buff....and flipped it over and could see the V. I lightly cleaned the dirt off and saw it was in pretty good shape.

The subdivision sits upon an old farm field. Ive found many wheats in the yard, but stumbled (literally) into this nickel. I have a digital camera I just need to learn how to post the pictures. I put all my "keeper" coins in 2x2 coin flips in my safe.

If you or anyone has a secret to finding nickels with this machine Id like to know. I usually dig if its not too deep but usually cruise over them looking for silver and clad stuff. Ive found quite a few in parking lots though.