I need help


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Dear searchers! I am from Ukrainу.My name is Maksim I want to get Metall Detector very much, but I haven't possobility to buy it.Maybe some of you have the old one. Give me please, I will be very grateful! For sending I will certainly pay. Write on Domusmaks@i.ua or personal message:wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:
Try this.....

If you are just looking for something to detect with, check eBay....
there are many who have unfriendly comments about the site, but there are regular decent people there just like everywhere else. I have almost 340 feedbacks and every transaction went very well. I have seen metal detectors sell for under $10.00! They were basic units, but for the price you cannot go wrong. Good luck on the Quest. :smile:


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You can get an inexpensive metal detector at WalMart.
Probably not a Walmart in the Ukraine.
Okay Maxsim,
I will give you the benefit of the doubt and treat this as a sincere request.
Find someone in the Ukraine who has a metal detector and learn the machine. And then decide if you still want to buy one. There is also a lot of good information on the web, if you google Ukraine and metal detecting.
If you are asking someone to "give" you a detector, meaning without paying something for it, then you should look somewhere else. We value work and we pay for what we get. There are many people on this forum who will help you find something that does not cost much.
If you stick around this forum awhile you can also learn a lot and we will be happy to give you good advice and perhaps become friends.


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I didn't realize a person could just get on here and ask for freebies...anyone out there want to give me a 1 oz. kruggerand? I'll even pay for postage...:wink: