Identifying Gemstones


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Thanks Steve, I know very little about gemstones.

If it's clear it's a diamond, red it's a ruby, green it's jade, and yellow topaz (only know that because it's my birthstone) is the extent of my knowledge of them (or lack of) :biggrin:.....this will help!
Great contribution Steve!

I am a totally beginner in this hobby. At the moment I spend hours with reading and learning. Great to have a forum with people like you on the NET!

While preparing for our first field trip in the mountains, I’ve been thinking on all the beautiful rocks and minerals along the creeks. We spent some great times with fishing along the Chattahoochee National Forest in north Georgia. I am NOT a dedicated fisher – it’s just a hobby. I also like to take pictures (got a NIKON D3100 for Christmas…) from the creeks and surrounding wild nature.

Like many of us, II don’t know much about minerals and crystals, but I found two easy to understand books on the NET at about 13 dollars each (just google ‘Rocks and Minerals books’).
National Audubon Society: ‘Field guide to Rocks and Minerals’.
‘Collecting Rocks and Minerals’ from Patti Polk
Both are small and either one could be packed in my back-pack or I may leave them in my car.
I don’t know what happen to me: Metal detecting, gold panning, treasure hunting on the beach, rock-hounding, fishing, camping, photographing…
Well – I’ll do a little bit at the time and enjoy my hobbies.

Happy new year and good luck - Y’ALL take care – santurinos.