Intermittent pulses on no target

Yesterday I used my 570 pretty hard - I pulled a LOT of tiny pieces of wire out of one hole. The probe started giving me two pulses and would do it if I held it in the air away from everything. I took the battery out and put it back in and changed the battery. I finally decided to quit for the day if I couldn't trust my probe (I'm spoiled already!)

I haven't turned it on since then but was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with theirs. I'm hoping that when I turn it on again it will be miraculously fixed!



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I have the 560 model - and the only intermittent (wierd) thing that has happened off and on for the past year is that once in a while when I'm hunting for something it will give a weaker than usual vibration when close to the target and shut off. I'm not sure if this is because the battery was getting weak (I changed batteries both times).

I have not experienced what you are talking about....hope it's nothing serious...
Yeah they can have quite a party when the 570 and the 250 are close together! That's not what was happening yesterday so I'm hoping it was just a transient issue.


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I hope it is nothing. I had the 560 and really just did not use it much? The only issue I found that it would at times it would not read the object until I just about touched the item, Beale.
the V730 does that to me as well

I've had the same type of thing happen with my V730 ; don't use it much now, but need to start again because I'm not going to pay that kind of money to have it sitting in my bag.

Also found I have to turn off my Titan when I turn on the V730 because both of them go ape-wild when they are both on at the same time.


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Intermittent pulses

I have had this problem on several different ocassions. By detaching the battery and re-attaching it resets the 570. Not sure why it does it but am very curious as what to do about it.
I just wanted to update this thread to say that I am still having the same issue. It only happens after I've been using the probe a lot so I'm theorizing that it gets tired and confused. lol

Anyway, I am going to purchase on of the under-$20 pinpointers from Harbor Freight to use as a back up when the VP goes wonky.