Iron Rejection

I was doing some air tests with my new 1236X2 and I found that it doesn't do that great a job rejecting iron. I does have a popping, stuttering sound but it is stronger and more prevelant than the tone I get from my Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker and my Whit'e Classis SL. Does anyone else notice this on their unit? Am I doing something wrong? I read the instructions on Discrimination Points three times and I have yet to to figure out what the "Iron" setting does. When you set the discriminator to "Iron" is this the All Metal Mode or does it reject Iron at this setting? I have tried other points on the discriminator but the the iron seems to beep it's way through.



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I don't know how to explain this but here goes. A ferrous object (iron) will sometimes read on the scales for coins and jewelry but it will be broken, intermittent, or will beep strongly but only in one direction. On some detectors you could turn your discrimination up high enough to makes this only happen once in a while, but then you would be missing many good targets. This is why it is important to practice and learn to find targets that are repeatable and clear. Most detectors are all noisy when the ground is full of ferrous targets. At least all the machines I have tried are. And on the other hand a "good" target can be noisy and elusive because it is corroded on lying on its side etc. So sometimes we just dig it all. I hope that helps but keep in mind I only have about 4 months of experience.:icon_conf
Hi JC and BSBowles, I believe that the Iron setting when used is for rejection of Iron trash and nails. You would want to use this setting in an area where you may suspect the presence of good targets but is heavily littered with ferrous items. Some others call it iron mask. By the way I hunted for awhile along with a fellow that used the 1236 and I have to say it is one fine instrument. I was really amazed with the 1236x2. Ok guys God Bless and have a great week!

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I'm a newbie, but to date the iron off mode does nothing. Then again I'm a newbie. May be it will show some benefit in time. Happy hunting.:coffeecup
Hi Wynot,

Since your new to the Fisher 1236x2 just a little FYI.The Fisher 1236x2 at (0) discrimination is able to hit itty bits of metal targets including ferrous (iron) and non ferrous (any metal other than iron) that many detectors will automatically reject in (0) discrimination mode. This is great in areas where you want to dig everything like Beaches where you want to find small gold items like chains and earrings that many detectors will just walk over without a Peep and also areas where your contending with iron as your main form of contamination as you can adjust the level of discrimination to a more finite level as to size. This is a great help when trying to isolate targets at old homesite foundations where you'll encounter a carpet of nails and many detectors will just Null as they are just overwhelmed due to the oversaturation of the discrimination cirquit. When you click your discrimination knob into the iron disc mode your effectively switching into the same setting as 4 to 4.5 on the discrimination setpoint of the disc knob setting.
For the moment don't worry about what i just posted but as you get to learn your detector or if you get the chance to hunt some older sites with little modern trash you will appreciate this feature. Good luck with your Fisher 1236x2. HH Bill
Bill indiactes a concept that is sometimes hard to grasp, that is - iron is not all bad. Simply blanking it out is often the wrong thing to do.
Instead it is better to discern and understand it. The 1236 lets you do that.

The 'clicking and popping' you refer to is a language you should learn.
It is the detector reacting to the settings on the DISC control.
At "0", you are essentially near 180 phase degrees, which means as close to all metal as you can get.
The further you go up the scale the more the detector will try to reject the iron, but it doesnt really start to actually blank it out until you get up to around 4, as Bill says.

Give the 1236 a chance. For most common hunting where non-ferrous trash is encountered, just drop into IRON prest and stay there. Or go to 4 and work the DISC knob if you want to ID targets.
But take it relic hunting just once on an open farm field or deep woods site, and you'll start to appreciate the iron discernment features.
dahut, thanks for the info. I just bought the 1236X2 but havent received it yet. Been searching ALL OVER THE NET for good advice. TQ has been a big help too.

I have the White's 5000/D and like it. I think the 1236 X2 will be much like the 5000/D but auto ground balance. I hate balancing the 5000/D. But swithing from Discrim. to all metal and pin pointing its good. To many knobs and HEAVY. Putting the 1236 X2 on the belt will make my hunting more enjoyable.
The 1236x2 will most likely be nothing like the Whites 5000/D as it has a very quick recovery reset speed and with a recommended 5" hockey puck coil i'm not sure there are many detectors much quicker on recovery speed than a 1236x2 and close targets will sound-off on each target as a monotone staccato even with a very rapid swing speed.

The older Whites are heavy and the 1236x2 is not close to that swing weight. You won't have the all metal mode and the GB is preset but as "dahut" mentioned you will have the option of very low disc acceptance something near 180 degrees of phase and the disc cirquit is very precise on the cutoff points with very little if any drift allowing for very accurate discrimination with the easy access disc knob.

The Fisher 1236x2 was my first detector when i started in 2000 and sold it after 5,6 years,thought about it after a few months and luckily bought a like new used one that worked exactely the same :bthumb: Maybe not one of the newer breed but sure works great and very much appreciated in my detector herd. Good luck with the Fisher 1236x2 . HH Bill
bill(de) Thanks for the info. From someone that has used this machine and the knowledge I wish I had the darn thing in my hands right now!! Just a few more days.

I also ordered the 5" coil. Been using it alot on the 5000/D. I can't live without it.

Again thats for your help. I'll let ya know how thing work out with the new 1236 X2.