Is Cortes a choice?

Want to trade in my X-70 to Cortes. Have some question about Cortes, hope somebody can help. How long has this machine in the market? Are Tesoro still producing Cortes, or it replaced by Deleon?
Any info may help. Thanks.


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The Cortes and the DeLeon have the same insides. The Cortes does have GB available but only in the All Metal Mode. Their is IMHO not enough difference between it and the DeLeon for the price Differerence.

If you are getting a new Cortes for the 70 well maybe. Because of the warranty, and better customer support? Then yea I would, IMHO, Beale.


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Beale has the best answer for you and I will add you will not regret the trade and if you do trade go back to those spots you hunted with the X-70 and find the stuff it left behind...Good luck...

I bought a Tesoro Silver Umax and went to my testing ground and found old coins that my Ace 250 and Whites XLT missed....I will try Vaquero there soon and see if anything else is still in the ground that I over looked...