Is it a bounty hunter?

Hello , ive newly joined and am pleased i can post already as i have a question on a metal detector im considering purchasing today.
(I'll be even more pleased to get an answer)

The detector in question is whats described as a Pioneer 101 bounty hunter but i dont see it listed anywhere under bounty hunter products nor do i see a Pioneer 202 listed which i gather is the newest model of this brand.
It looks a decent enough detector , any information is appreciated.
Thank you Dugday : ) It looks an amazing site and one id loved to have known about prior , ive done a lot of detecting in Scotland with a C scope years ago but dont even see C scope mentioned these days.
Im looking forward to some detecting here in the US and thought this Pioneer 101 a good starter.


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Hi James and welcome to TQ. That is a Bounty Hunter and would probably make a good starter detector depending on the price. Keep in mind that for about $200 you can get the F2 or ACE 250 both very good detectors and proven (especially the ACE) by many on here.

I'm also attaching the manual for the Pioneer 101. Good luck on whatever you decide.
Thank you MinelabMan : ) , ive a feeling the manual will come in handy as im now seriously considering starting out with this 101 , it's going to cost $50 used which seems a good price.
Ill have to wait and see what Santa thinks before any new Ace but all things come to those who wait eh ?
Thanks again for the manual , a pleasent enough way to spend a sunday evening giving it a read as the 101 will be at least a week away even if i buy it tonight.
I done did what i was gonna do

Yep .. took the plunge and bought the 101 , i dont know anything about it age wise really or performance but it sure looks the part.
Thanks for advice and encouragement on this guys , ill look forward to reading a lot here and hope to converse with you again soon , ill be sure to let you know how i get on.

The BH Pioneer, widely available at Wal-Mart has been discontinued. The replacement is the BH Quick Draw II. I'm a beginner, and I bought a QD II. It's a good machine at the beach for the price. You can find them on Amazon or eBay pretty cheap. I don't know much about the 101.
Just learn the machine and dig it all!
You'll do just fine.

Happy Hunting!
Hey James,
The Pioneer models are Bounty Hunters made for Walmart. I have a 101 and love it as a beginner detector. The 202 is not an updated model, but a small step up. Either one would be a good starter.

Happy Hunting!

if we can set up a time to chat, i can go through some of the settings and maybe help speed up the learning curve. i have been pleased with my 101 and i think you like it. it's an easy machine to learn.

Bounty hunter

Hi and welcome to TQ, I don't know anything about your model, but I do know about the Bounty Hunter Pinpointer Probe I just got. VERY handy little device. I used it for the first time yesterday and I didn't dig one empty hole! Found everything including a tiny 22cal shell only 2" down. I centered the MD over the find, stuck the probe in the ground right in the middle, took the MD away, and probed that spot with the probe. Found what I was looking for every time and with ALOT less digging! Add one of these to your tool kit and you will be happy. That's what my pals here told me and they were right!


Good morning everybody : ) thank you all for your kind replys , yep i got overly caught up and just went for the 101 ... i was unsure at best but compared to the C-scope i had back in the dark ages it looked first class.
The pressures of ebay eh ?
Im feeling a lot more comfortable with it after all your comments and in particular cbrhood's as we share the same model by coincidence , all your comments are much appreciated and ill look into the probe idea this week Deefburger.
Ive never metal detected in the US before , last time i used a detector has to be around 20 years ago with a simple but effective C scope which only ever seemed to find coins or trash so ill put your advice to good use Cash1977 and begin with just simply digging it all until im confident or depending on results continue with no discrimination , seems to be the way to find gold items which i never have before.
Its quite exciting as im new to the US in that although i was born in California i was raised in Scotland and spent my life there ..until now.
The coins here fascinate me in variety and beauty so im pretty keen to get out there.
Once again..thank you all for your replys and making me feel welcome , if i hadnt met and made many friends up til now i think i can say i have here on the TQ forum.
From all that I have read the Pioneer is a Walmart brand for the BH. I have the BH Lone Star , and a Ace 250 . IF at all possible the Ace gets out more often than the BH just by preference and ease of use with a few more bells and whistles than the BH. The wife likes and uses the BH often with me and she likes it and can find just about as much as I do with the Ace 250
Some where on here there is a link to download the manuals for the Bounty Hunters and just about anything else pertaining to Metal Detectors . I am sure there is someone here who can point you to that link