Is it a bounty hunter?

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Im visiting the US with an idea i might be staying all the way from Auld Scotia , feels like Oz tho cos its passing the 90 degree mark as i type ..too hot to be outdoors makes a real change


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Is it a bounty hunter? YES

The 101 is a Bounty Hunter. Go to The Bounty Hunter site and look up Tracker IV. That is the same one. I have a tracker IV and it works great.
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Welcome to TQ! :wavey: Yes, the Pioneer detectors were made by Bounty Hunter for RadioShack just like White's did for Sears. They are good detectors. Good luck!
pioneer 101

the bounty 101 is a nice beginner detector, my friend has one that i use once in awhile. follow the instructions in the manual, and use the X pattern to pinpoint. good luck