Is it real or fake ?


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I recently came accross a 1940 standing liberty half dollar. It is gold plated. I understand that it was plated by a private company, aftermarket. However, the coin has no ridges on its edge. It is completely smoothe all around. It is the same size, and weight as other silver halves, but the no ridges on the edge makes me suspicious. Is it real?



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I think it is a real silver half dollar. I can't tell from your pictures but if there is a lot of wear on the front and back, it is possible that the ridges may have been worn down as well. Then, when it was plated that took the rest of the detail out of the edge.

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What fyrffytr1 said does make sense. The plating process may have filled in the ridges. I understand that silver and gold coin had ridges to help prevent "Shaving" of the edges of the coin. Eventually the "Shavings would be melted down and sold.
I have an electroplated Washington clad quarter. They are considered novelty coins and are sold on the internet. (E-Bay)