Is my Tesoro Bandido II uMax operating correctly ?

Hello !

I'm not sure if my B2uMax is operating correctly. See Example below.

First, a little background.

My regular hunting mode is All Metal, with Threshold set to low hum and Ground Balancing dead on, or a little positive if that's the best I can achieve and the Tune toggle in Norm position.

I'm in the habit of turning the detector OFF while digging and pinpointing a target, primarily to save battery power, but also to eliminate cross-talk between the coil and my Vibra-Probe pinpointer.

After I turn the machine ON to resume hunting, I usually have to do one of two things to regain Threshold hum, either use the Mode toggle to Retune or switch the Tune toggle from Norm to Auto, then after Threshold hum stabilizes in a few seconds, back to Norm.

Maybe what I'm experiencing is due to turning the machine OFF while digging, but isn't that what I should be doing ?

Do any of you experience the same thing with the B2uMax ?



Digging Fool

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I have several Tesoros, but I never turn them off to dig a target, so I'd say your machine is working properly. When you cut a machine on, it takes a few moments for it to "wake up", and it may not be as stable then? I don't know, that's just an opinion.
Thanks Digging Fool and EBCIII :bthumb:

First I'll try waiting a little longer for the machine to "wake up". If that doesn't work, I'll leave it least that way I'll save ware & tear on the knob ! LOL

Todd...not many people turn off the detector while they dig up the i think that your problem is due to you turning the detector the future I would not turn off the detector while you dig the about the cross talk...try moving the coil of the detector to a place that is at least 2 to 3 feet from your pin pointer......Joe
Ric-san and Joe(TX),

Thanks for your replies ! :D

I have been leaving my B2µMax ON while hunting and moving my Vibra-Probe Pinpointer and B2µMax several feet away from each other to stop the like a charm and I didn't have to send the B2µMax back to the factory !


against the wind

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I never turn my detector off while on a hunt, and I always move my coil away from the hole when using my Pro pointer. It is great to see so many TQ members willing to share their experience to help a fellow member.:cool:


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Same here never turn my Compadre off while digging a target,keep your coil away from your digging area or better yet put your coil facing opposite end of where your digging.