It broke

After having it for 2 years I have found 20 wheat pennies and a merc dime along with 70+ dollars in change. Just yesterday when I took it out it started messing up by picking up false signals and when ever it got close to my friends detector it messed his all up and after 30 mins of messing with I gave up. So I could fix it probably but its time I upgrade so over all it was a good one to learn on.
Sorry to hear bout your detector. What kind was it? Is it worth fixing? If not, then an upgrade is always nice. I am trying to upgrade myself from a cheap-o-detector to a better one.


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Sometimes when you get close to another detector, your detector will go nuts and chatter...That might be the case..Mine did that some during our TQ hunt a few weeks back..It might be the what happened to yours..If not, then a fix or an upgrade would be OK also..Hope you get it worked out...Buster........:wavey:
Sorry to hear about your MD! I agree with Buster and homefire, try it out on your own to be sure yours was the problem! But certainly upgrade if you want to! Good luck with that!


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Sorry to hear about your detector. I do agree with GG about trying it off by itself. It may just not like other machines, Beale.


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Anybody with a bounty hunter comes within 10 feet of my XLT it goes nutz, I don't think it is broke at all. Try it out when noone else is there.:smile:
I agree with GG..I have the same problem.....The machine just goes nuts when it is close to another detector
yea it does kinda works on its own, it picked up half the coins I put on the ground and even used ones I have dug up to make sure it picks those up to. I'm getting a prizm II so ill keep the lonestar as backup or let someone else use it.