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I've been trying to get on this property for years. The owner was taken advantage of by a couple of detectorists that hunted and left in a hurry and did not tell him what they had found. He finally agreed to let me hunt and he stayed there with me as I hunted. He said he liked the way I detected and how I filled the holes in. After that first day, he let me go on my own and just to e-mail pics. of what I found. I found over 13 bullets ,a U.S. bridle rosette ,toe tap and other things. He did ask for several bullets and the toe tap which I gave him. Been busy working on cars and it's been really hot out. Take care and keep diggin',Ed.



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Looks like a fine hunt and a good relationship with the property owner. It has been very hot in central Ohio - I can imagine hot hot it is in Ark! Excellent job Ed!