Johnnyh with an MTX ?

Working 7 days a week lately but on the way home Sunday took out the MXT. First hit was a quarter at 4 inches and that was just where that quarter was. My question is, is it normal when you go over a slab edge with rebar for the MXT to freak and show lower gain or lift coil on the display and is there a method of getting the MXT to sound like my tesoros with louder sounds when passing over a "good target".

I feel good using this machine just need to learn it.:confused:



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Welcome to the TQ! I don't know that machine. Most will just shut up and go dead quiet in discrimination mode in a place like that.


when you go over a big piece of metal, i think it is probably overloading since there is such an enormus target. it thinks the machine is unstable and that you should reset it, when in fact it is just a large object. there is probably no need to back down the gain.

for the other question, i know the xlt and dfx have functions where the tones are different for each target. ie. silver rings up really high pitched while iron is very low. also the coins and other good targets will ususally sound much cleaner and smoother than other junk.

be sure to read over your manual. it helps a lot and any questions you may have about the machine will most likely be answered in there.

good luck!!
It is normal for the lift coil display to appear when the coil passes over or near a large object. There is no way I know of to make a whites MXT detector sound like a tesoro. My MXT gets louder the closer the item is to the surface so I guess I have trained myself to hear it. I am a rookie with the MXT this being said I read my owners manual, watched my DVD that came with the MXT. Once I did that, I did it again, and again until I knew from memory every function of my MXT in all three modes. For the last five weeks I have dug every solid, repeatable signal. You can bet I have dug enough trash to fill a garbage can but now I am begining to hear what the signal is telling me. Call it paying your dues, practice whatever but nothing will help you learn faster than digging your brains out. You will eventualy get comfortable with your machine and the going will be much easier.


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Welcome to the site John! Glad to have you on! i do not run a MXT but i know it is a very good machine. Good luck with it, Beale.


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You can run the MXT in relic mode and will get a two tone signal. As for coin and jewerly mode trash tends to not be repeatable. Now this is not always true but a piece of foil will show good signal and then a different vdi number. They will jump all over. As you get use to the detector you will see the difference. ICe
Thanks Guys


Went to one of my spots with better soil, less junk and found a total of 13 coins worth $2.31. Got the MXT noises down pat. One thing i see is a 1c, 10c seems to be junk and 1$ means aluminum. Getting happier with my new MXT. Won't sell it yet.:smile:


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If it says dollar at 3 inches and you don't find one then it is probaly a can. I found a kennedy that said 50 c and it was at 1 inch and I thought junk but I dug an inch and there it was. Ice
Try using a 4x6 shooter dd coil, when hunting near the rebar and large metal poles, you can get in much closer, although you won't be able to cover as much area, any large piece of metal will cause an overload signal, do this experiment, with your stock coil, put a nickel and a quarter, and a soda can, a foot or so apart, on top of the grass, lift the coil, you get a good signal, lower it to touching the coin, or can, you get overload, hope this helps, you understand whats going on, Rich.
The 6X10 DD and especially the 4X6 DD coil will let you get right up against the sidewalk without picking up the rebar. If you don't have them and running the stock coil you can descriminate the rebar out but you will still get the overload signal, so you can also run it silent (no threshold).