July 4 weekend beach finds


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A little disappointing. Over 25 rings this year and another 15 or so earrings - and no gold YET. Nice looking tungsten ring today with camo inlay, and assorted junk and pocket change is from two hunts (Monday and Tuesday) and about 10 hours in the water. Had a bit of a run in with a pretty rude detectorist who wanted to crowd into my spot. I'm a bit too old for confrontations but sometimes people just need to be told. :censored: Also met the guy who locks and unlocks the gates to the parking area in the morning. I was afraid I might be in trouble because I have found an alternate way to get into the beach area and I am already in the water when he gets there. It involves walking almost half a mile though and then back again when I'm done. Turns out he doesn't care - he's more worried about undesirables that sometimes try to get in and cause problems. This is why they had to start locking up the gates to the beach parking at night anyway. I actually know a way to drive down to the beach parking and avoid the long walk but that might be pushing things a bit - but I will ask him the next time I see him - getting tired of walking through the woods in the dark when I could be swinging that detector!



No gold but at least you did get something. And....the bonus of being in the water during the summer heat. :)
You'd think that other guy would have the courtesy to keep his distance rather than try to crowd you out, but I guess some folks just don't get it !


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