Just bought a Prizm V....


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:confused:I just bought a Prizm V for $270 in a pawn shop. I was just wondering if y'all think I did alright or got ripped? I like it mo better than I do my Ace 150, so I reckon it don't really matter, but would still like to know. I have no idea what a used one usually goes for.


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Sounds like a good deal to me...My first detector was a PrismV, and its a pretty good machine, not to mention it me cost just about double, new, from what you paid for used...Read the manual, and practice, practice, practice, get to know it inside out and I'm sure it'll be good to you...HH...:bthumb:



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You made a pretty good deal...I still have (and use) a Prizm III...it still works as good as the day I took it out of the box 5 or 6 years ago!
Prizm V SOLID little machine!

My first and still primary machine is a Prizm V. I love it! It gets antsy on wet sand, but drop the sensitivity down and it still finds the booty!!! It does a fantastic job in the dry sand, and in non-beach areas. Same here, paid double what you paid back in 2007! Just bought a Prizm IV yesterday for my wife/friends to use, gave $175 for it, new in the box!!. Just ordered a pin pointer that should be here tomorrow! Heading to Pensacola beach today to take it for a spin.

Best of luck to you!



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Sure looks like a great buy there JIK. :multi::multi::multi::multi::multi:

Those Prizms have a very good reputation,
I'm sure it'll work out great for ya. :bthumb::bthumb::bthumb::bthumb: