just ordered my e-trac


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is that the new minelab with the pc interface? Sounds like a nice gimmick but the MD is a good machine. I would of rather had a usb port for my wireless headphones, a clock and a GPS. Have fun!

I am somewhat of a noob to metal detecting, these days anyway, I have done mding on and off over the years.. I have also received my e-trac :smile:
I even done a little video too here....
YouTube - Minelab E-Trac

Only showing what you can expect to get through the door if you decide to purchase one etc as at £1100 and over I think most want to know everything they can:lol:
anyway I was just wondering how you are getting along with it?
To be totaly honest its been a little hard going for me and I think I jumped in at the deep end a little with this machine but um just starting to get there which is a relief.