Just purchased a F75 what should I expect

I use both the E Trac and the F75. Had the E trac & the F75 since they were first on the scene.
If you want to master the F75 you have to let it "work" .
Try to avoid heaping chains on it ,by wacking great amounts of Discrimination on its shoulders.
If you want it to be deep seeking .
PF mode
Discrimination 4.
Two tones.
Sensitivity at 75 to start but up it to 85 if you can without too much erratic noise.
NOTCH at level 1 only . Notch reduces depth .I never use it EVER.

Start by Fast grabbing (Ground balancing) the detector
I Fast grab about every 20 minutes just to keep on top of any fluctuating mineralization patches in the ground.
This Detector loves a Brisk "swing" but don`t get that mixed up with walking pace.
This can be 1 second per swing from left to right .
Keep the Coil as near to the surface as possible. Don`t forget that every inch above the ground the coil is, means that depth LOST below the ground. So , its in your interest to scrape the surface whenever `s possible.
To get used to the sound you want to hear, throw a quality coin on the deck and sweep over it (silver one if you have one). Listen to that noise. THAT is the type of sound your after.
Do that also to begin with , as you need to train your ears to the sound your after.
Dig ALL EACH WAY repeatable Signals.Signals that only sound ONEWAY are to be ignored.

If after a while you get to grips with these settings, try a hotter setting.>>

JE mode
two tones.
Discrim 4
Sensitivity at 55 to start with but up it to about 70 if you can without too much erratic noise . This JE mode is a high Gain mode anyway so you don`t need masses of Sensitivity .
If the erraticness is a bit too noisy for you lower it again.

OK you `might` pull a few bits of Iron washers and the like with a low discrim BUT your not gonna miss out else.But don`t forget to listen for that good "positive" signal amongst the blurb.

Hope this little few notes gets you on your way .


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Thanks Jeb. I am learning slow and steady with the machine. I will take your advice out with me on my next hunt. I love it when guys and gals post settings for me to try. I have never used the PF setting I will try it my next time out. Thanks...
Hi Zaxfire , I ,depending on the site i`m detecting will use any one of 3 modes. I`ve given two out but the third is `Motion`, ALL METAL Mode.
This ,is a fantastic mode to use but you have to stick at it to get to like it . when the penny drops , you will really like it.
First switch over from Discrim to all metal mode on the Right of your screen .
Then scroll down to `Threshold` and adjust the background hum to `just` audible to your ears by turning the Settings knob.
Choose your sensitivity .
i usually kick off at about 65-70 and up it if the ground is clean of rubbish such as coke cans or iron.
Then Manually Ground balance the Detector. If your not sure on how to do this, consult your F75 detector manual. Its easy after you`ve done it a few times. It`ll come as second nature .
Then start Detecting .when you hit a target ,can I suggest you Dig nothing under a 19 Digital figure target indication because 9 times out of ten it`ll be rubbish. Anything over 23 will be a good conductive metal target.You`ll soon get to know what number NOT to dig under after a while . You`ll notice that at a certain Number either above it or below it do dig or not to dig.
Oh`& you`ll not get ANY mineralization interference in all metal mode.
OK ,your going to dig Tabs ,and screw caps ,because they are Aluminium and that , as far as ANY DETECTOR`S concerned is a GOOD TARGET because its a non ferrous metal,but your also going to get some very good depths where the deepies hang out.
If you stop digging those, you could miss a good target that falls into the same Digital figure readout number of a good coin or bit of jewelry, so the choice is yours.
Persevere with this mode , get to understand it and watch the finds start coming out for you ,that` you probably would miss in a Discrim mode.
Nothing comes without a price. The price in this mode is Patience.
Best of luck with your hunting .


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Jeb you know your stuff about this detector. I was in All motion metal the other day when I dug the Civil war button and horseshoe. I understand what you are saying about when to dig and when not to dig. I am learning and this machine has endless features. I really like it.
Well being as you`ve been in All Motion mode , then your doin fine . I love the F75 and even though i have the E Trac too, i won`t part with my F75.


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Jeb I noticed something after digging in all metal motion yesterday. I watched the screen alot while listening to the detector. Most real deep targets you barely hear. Almost sounds like a pop or a hiss. Not a solid tone. I dug a brass shoe buckle that was around 8 inches down. The detector really didn't make an audible tone. I was just watching the screen and saw the numbers jump into the 60's. Very weird.
It`s difficult to take different Folk`s encounters on board properly when your not there to witness or hear the thing that they are refering to. But by what your telling me, it looks like you have the situation well under control, and your getting on great with it.


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Great Info Jeb..your spot on..Zaxphire while in Discrim mode you might want to give the 1 tone a try for the Deepies..I like Jeb mostly go from 1 to 3..this unit goes Deep..If you hear a faint signal try swinging at a faster pace..Its a hot rod....Sounds like your doing great with it...james
I will post pics of the new addition when it arrives tomorrow. Gonna dig a test bed next to my shop as well. Put in all size coins, a button, a 3 ringer, some iron, gold, silver, Titanium rings. Just to see what it will register as. Gonna leave it at the default level till I get real good with it.
That's the way to do it ZAX. I have a test bed in a section of my yard. All types of coins, buttons, etc. and some are purposely near trash. Many different depths - everything I could think of. It's well worth the effort and it's a great way to learn exactly how your detector responds under field conditions. The added confidence you'll have is incredible. Congrats on a great birthday present!!

Dom in Jersey
I run the Fisher F5 and also experienced some of this EMI Chatter, I've read this seems to be an inherit problem of the F series and even includes the Teknetics T2. I have been reading every article I can about this issue and ran across one of interest. Seems some are using ferrite chokes from electronics stores such as radio shack, clipping the choke or chokes on the cable from the coil to the control box and getting great results with them. Hope this helps everyone using the F series with some of their EMI chatter, this is not a complete fix but I'm reading it greatly reduces the EMI and some has reported even gaining up to 10 notches in the sens settings.

http://www.radioshack.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatId=&kw=ferrite choke&origkw=ferrite choke&sr=1


Hi Jeb,
What i would like to know can the f75 out shoot the e-track on depth. Here in Australia in sand the sovereign gt and the e-track can hit our $2 coin at 14 inches, What i am after is a detector that can get a smidgeon better in depth. Also do you know if the f75 is deeper than a czd3. The size of our $2 coin is 20.62mm. Composition 92% copper, 6% aluminium, 2% nickle. Weight 6.60 grams.

Regards Beepn Down Under In Oz.



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I am now the proud owner of a Fisher F75. My wife bought me one from Kellyco for my birthday. I have seen and read how nice they were and just had to have one. How many of you out there own one? Tell me how much better it will be over my Garrett Ace 250. I know it has more features and more settings. I can not wait to get it in.
Just bought a new 75 +,be sure to start with the factory pre-sets and then go from there.This my set up DE Modes,3h tones,sens. 85-90, mine has Dst --off ,no notch.