Kayla, I and the conversation piece

From the land of the Bluenose...this is my daughter Kayla and I out just before Christmas a shopping. You hear me mention Tim's...well there it is. Our Canadian coffee chain named after a former hockey player who played defence for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Wearing my chain "conversation piece"...ice breaker that has opened up many a new digging and swishing spot! Amazing how many rings are lost around here.



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Thanks for the picture.

I think "the old mighty dollar" has ruined sports...more,more,more for owners and players. What happend to play for the love of the game and how much $ do they need to live good?

I've always said one day the Super Bowl with be a Pay per view event..then the play-offs will follow as paid per view..much like boxing.


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Leslie......very nice pic......it's amazing how people will wear they're rings to the beach/water knowing they can be lost!?!?!??!:2talk: