Keep an eye out.......

for anything Old McBrayer.

I've been doing some genealogy research and my GGGGGGG Grandfather was William McBrayer who started a distillary in Kentucky. If you find any whiskey bottles, shot glasses or wooden crates with Old McBrayer on it, I will be glad to pay you cost +++ s/h. The distillary was eventually purchased by someone else and they started making Cedar Brook whiskey. I'm gonna take a trip up to where the distillary was this summer and see if I can get permission to hunt the sitte. That would be a real hoot if I found something.

Here are a few pics I've dug up.



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Very Nice Items

Padmaster, I have in the past sold several pieces of McBrayer's and let me say that it is very sought after. It's nice to have you here on our site and I am looking very forward to seeing your posts concerning your GGGGGGG Grandfather. I think you may be more than interested in the sites that I include. Hope they help you a lot....PAPPY:smile: :smile: :smile:
Thanks for the links Pappy. Some of those sites I've seen but I've never seen the house in the first link. I know the distillary was in McBrayer Springs (now New Market, KY). I wonder if the house is still standing. Is it in New Market?
How odd, I have a pic of a house in Albertville, AL that one of my uncles lived in back in the 40's. He passed away back in June and left me a huge pile of old pics. Guess what the address of the house was.......

406 Main Street :yikes:


I am now the proud owner of two more Old McBrayer bottles.....

The J. H. McBrayer bottle dates back to about 1860.

The fourth picture is the unopened bottle I bought last year.....and yes, it's still unopened :alcoholic

One of my uncles found a shot glass like the picture in the first post.


Old Mc Brayer Whiskey Bottle


I was looking up info on this bottle and came to your entry.

This is a clear bottle with the date stamped in bottom March 4, 1914

The label is green and silver. It is a one pint bottle.

Bottle number stamped in lower front is 1259.

It is an odd shaped bottle and has facets that have a waffle texture.

Let me know if your interested, I'll take a digital photograph.

Looks like it had a tin cap, as the lower part of it is still in tact.

Thanks Dan Burke
Old bottle

I happened to have an old Mcbrayer whiskey bottle in my bottle collection. It has a seal near the top that says bottled spring 1925 and made in spring 1912
McBrayer Bottle

It looks like this was the way they did their labeling.
I have a bottle that was stamped Sring 1914.
On the bottom it is says it was patented March 4, 1924.
Let me know what the date is on your bottlestamped on t he front under the lable, mine says1256.

I am attaching some photos of my bottle.

Dan Burke
1903 Unopened W.H McBrayer Cedar Brook Whiskey bottle


Can anyone tell me about the value of a bottle of 1903 W.H.McBrayer Cedar Brook Whiskey that I have? Also, can anyone tell me how rare it is or isn't? I noticed that padmaster had purchased a bottle on eBay in 2005. I am also looking to sell this bottle on eBay under the name Bashcsm. Any information would be appreciated!! Thanks!
Unopened bottle McBrayer Whiskey

On cleaning off the shelf today I found an unopened bottle of McBrayer whiskey. The label, bottle, cap and stamp are in excellent condition. The dates on the stamp are Fall 1933 and Fall 1917. The stamp on the back says Produced by the Nelson Distillery Co, Distillery No 4, Kentucky.

Can anyone give me an idea of the value of this and if I am allowed to sell it? It would appear that some has evaporated as the bottle is not 100% full, yet the seal is completely intact.

Thanks, Kris
BcBrayer whiskey

I recently found 4 hollow, blown glass drink stirrers, these have colored "caps" on them. There is a piece of blue paper inside with printing on it, "Old McBrayer Brand, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey -- 93 Proof, National Distellers Products Corporation, New York, N.Y."