Kellyco S.E.F. coils?

Just wanted to know if anyone purchased an S.E.F. coil form Kellyco.. I'm interested in the 15x12 S.E.F. for depth, but was wondering if this will hurt my smaller object detection..


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i purchased the 12x14 for my T-2 and its heavy..........i think they perform better in the wide open countryside.........i took it off and put my 5" back on...thats just me!
I have the 15x12 S.E.F. for minelab Explorer/Etrac. I was please with quality of coil but it is heavy. I use it mainly for wide open fields, etc where I want to cover alot of ground. Can't answer if it finds stuff deeper...In theory I guess it would as it is larger so the detection field is larger?? I did once dig a golf ball size piece of aluminum at about 30 inches with it though.

I still found small stuff with it though so no worries there.

Great coil for the money IMO.


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I bought a 10x14 a couple years ago for an Ace 250 i used to own. great depth coil in open areas that are little to no trash. just bought a 10x12 butterfly coil for my M-6 a couple months ago but have been too busy lately to use it very much. seams too work really good on coins but not enough use yet to give a real good review.