L.I.D.A.R An emerging tool that will result in big finds.(I think)

Lider is a laser based ground mapping technology that you can see details as small as a foot.You can integrate some lidar maps into google earth or find them at websites.The resolution can see wagon train routes 150 yrs old and pretty much any significant man made ground disturbance such as foundations,trails,holes,old mines etc.I read somewhere that holes are the hardest thing for earth to heal.There a Yakima wa lidar map for google earth that shows how cool this is.Just google Yakima,lidar.Google is getting more lidar maps for G-earth
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I just came across your post and thought it was interesting. I used to like in Puyallup for the last 15 years . Now I live most of the year in Germany and spend the rest of my time in Everett visiting my daughter. I am very interested in LIDAR in Europe it's showing a lot of new archeological sites. The big problem is that it's impossible to find maps unless you are a archoligist. I will be in WA after the 22nd of this month. I would love to talk to you. I tried to send you a message but I got some kind of error message.


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Interesting Story... A friend, her son actually, works for Duke University and they did a Radar or Lidar look at the Danville National Cemetary in Virginia and they said there are clear signs of buried gold throughout the grounds... Maybe Knight of the Golden Circle Gold???
Ground Penetrating Radar, I believe is what she said...