Land Star Is A Nice Detector

herb n surf

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I live in Florida and have been detecting since the early 70's. I hunt mostly the Gulf beaches with top detectors like Fisher CZ 21, Whites DF, and Pi Pro.

A few days ago the family and myself stopped at a local thrift store (GW), and there was the BH Land Star brand new w/batteries for $25. Long story short the detector was taken to the beach after reading the directions over and over. (I think too many people fail to follow instructions then call their detector junk. )

In 3 hours of hunting the Gulf beach wet sand. I found myself finding coins without any problems at 7 inches and a 10K ladies white gold and garnet ring at the water line. I found the secret to detecting over salt wet sand conditions was to pay attention to a good level sweep and lower sensitivity to reduce falseing and only dig repeating signals just like the manual directed to do.
I found this detector to be a good dependable detector that I feel would not miss much when out detecting. This detector is a not a toy and can find the loot in the right hands. Because I'm used to detectors like the Fisher Cz 21 that are built like a tank , the Land Star looked and felt a little flimsy but on the plus side it's much lighter then my other detectors. This detector really surprised me as it performed way beyond what I expected . This detector is not really meant to be used on wet salt sand like my other detectors that are water detectors , but it produced treasure just fine.


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A very good review Herb. I think to many people dismiss Bounty Hunter MD's Thanks for finding one at a great price and using it the. Right way, Beale.