Land Star is Fully Armed

herb n surf

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I got the last piece of the puzzle last night . My 10 inch Magnum coil was delivered and waiting at the door when I got home . I now have the 4" , 8" , and 10 coils . This morning went to a nearby park to see how the BH Land Star would do with the 10 " coil . All I can say is that it performed flawlessly . It was hitting hard on quarters , dimes and copper pennies at the 8 " to 10" depth with ease . The pin- pointing was right on . The 10" coil was noticeable heavier than the 8" coil so I readjusted (shortened ) the length of the shaft and detected with the coil just barely clearing the toes and just off the ground which took the strain off the arms. The nice thing about BH coils besides being inexpensive is that they are interchangeable with many BH detectors . The next hunt I'll try out the BH 3300 and see what it can do . I was disappointed with the 3300 the last trip as it was falseing like crazy . I hope maybe it was just the batteries because it was impossible to detect with the way it was acting . (the 3300 is Sandys' detector so I hope it was not performing as poorly for her) I'll let you know how it goes. Take care and good luck everyone...