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This is a spot i have been looking for a long time. Small mining camp/village that moved and a lot of name confusion. Finally found a 1830-50 GLO map that had it marked at 2 places. Don't look like much but a couple of those cuts are open pit mines and the GLO shows village boundery and BLD sites. Old histories have a few tales about the place. One character had all ready wore his welcome out in Wis. ILL. fighting & causing trouble. (not states yet) then came here. He drank badly and threatened a guy second hand and that guy shot him on sight at this place. Before that he made the town marshal dance, climb trees and other amusements 1 day. Now to talk to the owner, at least i have met him yrs ago and know his brother in law.


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Isn't lidar a type of sonar for lack of a better word that is done in layers and can strip away the ground so you can see what is under tree and dirt and such?