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Hello Treasure seekers,Here is a dowsing wand you must have(smile) now don't rush to get your order in.Ha--Ha---I make a loaded dowsing wand also,It will do exactly the same thing this wand will do, and if I got $50 bucks for it I would think that was too much---BERT--bert

PMR-III kit, dowsing treasure finder, PMR-III

PMR III one hand bearing handle

PMR III two hand bearing handle

The PMR-III is a new instrument developed by using the powerload ingredients of the PMR-II in one tube, together with a newly developed powerload formula in a second power tube.

The purpose of the dual tubes is to keep these two power loads separate. The powerloads are different but each utilizes a small amount of a special radiant energy stimulant. User reports as well as our own field test have led us to conclude that the PMR-III is probably the most sensitive and effective dowsing instrument that can be built with currently available technology.

As with the PMR-II, the unique two-hand bearing handle allows perfect balancing of the instrument for steady operation. To use the PMR-III just load the sample compartment with a sample of the material for which you wish to search, extend the antenna and install the handle which you wish to use. When used with either of the two bearing handles, the instrument can pivot freely on the precision ball bearings and swing so as to point in the direction of your target. When directly over the target, it can operate in a circular motion. The PMR-III operates with the 24" fibre handles and the spring handle in the same way as the Precision-Master Rod and the PMR-II except with greater sensitivity and accuracy.

The PMR-III can be used to search for gold, silver, diamonds, paper money, lead, copper, mercury or any other metal or mineral.

The PMR-III is probably the most sensitive and accurate dowsing instrument ever built.

The PMR line of dowsing instruments are the only instruments that use a radiant energy mineral ore to stimulate the crystals in the power load. The PMR-III is like a dream-come-true for the serious treasure hunter. If you hunt treasure on a serious basis the purchase of this instrument will be the best investment you ever make.

The PMR-III is the instrument most frequently purchased by our customers from countries like Greece, the Philippines and from the Middle East. All these are areas where serious efforts are underway to recover large and well documented treasure caches. This leads us to conclude that the PMR-III is the instrument of choice for professional treasure hunters and for the serious amateur.

The price of this instrument is $2,495 complete with all accessories shown, including both one-hand and two-hand bearing handles, spring handle, 24" fibre handles, gold and silver samples, mineral sample set and comprehensive operating instructions. You may send cash, check, money order or charge it to your credit card.




Hello JC White:
good morning JC,keep practicing and you will become a great dowser---Have a good week----BERT-BERT

Dear Mr. Bert,
I gather that you are convinced on the ability of the pmr to detect gold. My question sir, can the pmr determine the depth of the possible target? If not, can you recommend one that can work hand in hand with a pmr to determine depth. Thank you very much. Melo


Hello Melonaquiat:

Welcome to the dowsing forum,

To find the depth of a target you can use what is called the "Biships" rule, after locating the target stand directly above it and say "let the distance out in inches, from this spot at ground level equal the distance down in the ground from this spot to the coin,gold ,silver or whatever you are searching for, Then you say, let each stride equal one inch, then after the wand gives a clockwise motion and then starts the up and down motion start walking in a straight line away from the target when the wand starts to circle clockwise "stop" and count your strides, this will give you the depth in inches to the target,If you think the target is deep you can use "FEET" instead of inches.
The other way is to ask for the depth, stand directly above the target and ask"what is the depth in inches or feet from this spot at ground level down to the target,The wand will circle clockwise and then start "bobing" the up and down motion,then say let each "BOB" of this wand equal one inch down in the ground, "COUNT the "BOBS" when the wand quits bobbing and starts to circle "clockwise" that will be how deep the target is----BERT-BERT


Dear Mr. Bert,
Thank you very much for your warm welcome!
I will try the method you descibed. However is there an equipment that is in the market that can also assist in giving depth information. Taking this opportunity, sir, do you highly recommend the PMR3 for locating Japanese tresure ? Thank you very much for your kind response and hope to hear from you again. Melo
the dowsing rod you have thats as good as rod costing $1000's

Can you show me how to make this rod or do you sell them?Does it have a witness chamber? This is what I'll be doing this summer.I'll be hitting the lakes and their beaches looking for silver coins and gold jewelry.Is it possible to dowse for gold jewelry in the lakes.Once dowsed I'd use the metal detector to pinpoint it and dig it.I have a underwater detector and scoop. Have you or any other dowser you know of done this? Are you still selling your dowsing CD's for $5? I'd like one .Thanks for answering my questions. Norm Marsh