Lobo Super Traq performance ?

Is their anyone on the forum who has used a Lobo Super Traq for gold nugget shooting? What are your thoughts on it's quality and performance?
Does it find those small nuggets and does it really ground balance automatically to changing soil conditions. Biggest question is this a worth while mid priced detector to buy? I would be using this in North Carolina soil and on the beach.

The Lobo is one of the best gold detectors out there. If you have a dealer near you stop by for a visit to try it out, he should have some grains for you to test it on. If not take a couple of the wife's earring backs, but they are larger than what the Lobo can respond too. Yes it will work well about anywhere. At beaches because of the Lobo's super sensitivity it can be unstable in the wet sand but will work fine in the dry.