Looking for Time Ranger manual, older model with Sentron Co-relator

I reciently aquired a used Time Ranger with the Sentron Co-relator.
I think this is version one of the Time Ranger.

I haven't been able to find a user manual for this specific model.

Bounty Hunter only has the new manual for version four of this machine on their web site.

If anyone either has a copy they can send me, or can point me to a URL that has this older manual it would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi James and welcome to TQ, glad to have you with us!

I searched for your specific model but couldn't find a manual for it, only the Time Ranger. I'm sure if anyone has one, they'll chime in. Good Luck!
Thanks for the welcomes

Found another Treasure Hunter that had the manual for the original Bounty Hunter Time Ranger.

The forums are a great place to get info.

Have a great weekend.