Lost Gold/Diamond Jewlery Haulover Beach Miami Florida

Lost Gold Chain with Ring and Cross . Hello Everyone, My friend and I are in urgent need of your assistance. She has lost a chain with very sentimental jewelry on it at Haulover Beach in Miami, Fl. on Aug. 2, 2009 around high tide, 7pm between lifegaurd stations 12 - 14 unfortunately we can not pin point the exact location the chain broke. Attached to the chain were a gold diamond encrusted cross and a diamond cluster ring which were most likely separated when the chain broke. Please feel free to contact Akima at 954-856-9415, or Tod at 305-762-2645 I will also be monitoring this site for posts, you can email me at turtleguy@bellsouth.net. Thanks for any assistance or advice you may be able to provide.