Love this Ace 350

The 350 came, & I have been out a couple of times with it. I am one happy camper !!!!! after learning this hobby on my BH Sharpshooter & I still have alot to learn !!! This detector rocks !!!!!!! Just love the coil on this for the money. It goes deep & does not miss a thing. I live on a lake & took it down for it's workout, a campsite - park &
kept it in zero mode to learn the tones of what it would find. This 350 was true to everything it hit. Great detector for the money, ease of use, fun to use. The campsite- park I used it in had yrs. of trash in it, so going through all the modes notching out items it did what Mr Garrett said it would & more. I will be having alot of fun swinging this detector & taking this hobby to it's next step for me.:bthumb:
The relic mode is my favorite in medium trash areas. It's right at small nail reject and I have found tiny earrings with this mode.


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Now everybody will know our Little secret
They are great Detectors
For the Price
I'm Still looking forward to upgrading to an AT PRO
I really want
The "Digital I.D."
The "Iron Auto"
and "Manual Ground Balancing"