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At the end of each Bootcamp we ask for attendees to send us details of what they find after they return home and put what we covered into practice. We wanted to showcase some of the finds that have turned up for one of the Bootcamp attendees . . .
Todd Yerks, a.k.a. CTTODD on the forums, sent this photo of some finds he made one afternoon . . . two Draped Bust large cents and a musket ball that was a solid 10" deep . . . so don't let people fool you by saying the Deus is not a deep detector.
Here's another message I received from Brian O'Conner in regards to the Bootcamp and what his partner has been finding since attending:
This is an update on the progress or improvement that I have observed while hunting with "diggin brains" over our last 5 hunts together and since he went to the "XP DEUS Boot Camp"
 1st hunt - 2 cent coin and a Spanish silver  2nd hunt - Mercury Dime  3rd hunt - Mercury Dime  4th hunt - 1963 Washington Quarter and a 1903 Barber Dime  5th hunt - Silver Mother Mary Medallion and a 1913 Barber Dime
Now you can call it a coincidence or plain dumb luck but from what I have seen is a pure drive to learn this machine. A few tweaks to address the steel bottle cap issues and complete concentration has certainly brought home the bacon. Plus the fact that I "LENT" him one of My Lucky Pin Pointers and gave him a superior digging tool in the form of a Lesche Digger  "