Memorial day beach hunt


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I got out to the lake beach Tuesday to see if the crowd left me anything. It was my first beach hunt since retiring (May 15). Just moved my dad into assisted living. He is 92 and very unhappy about leaving his home and his car. It is taking up most of my time moving him and getting the house ready to sell. At any rate there was a lot of good hunting and I came away with better that six bux in change, two rings, two earrings, and a magnetic bracelet with little religious pictures on it. Unfortunately no gold or silver. The craziest thing that happened was I saw a part of a bill in the sand. It picked it up and it was a 2" x 1" corner of a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL! It was ready to fall apart as it had been in the water awhile. I looked around but could not find the rest of it. I put it carefully in my pocket and did not get in past my ankles the rest of the hunt. But when I got to the car it was nowhere to be found. Don't know how it got away as I really wanted to post a picture. It may have just dissolved. It wasn't enough to cash in but it would have been one of my all time 10 coolest finds! Sorry to have been so scarce lately - hope to get in some more hunts. I thought you were supposed to have more time in retirement!



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A good day at the beach is always nice. Hopefully I will make it this weekend..I found a hunk of a $100 bill years turned out to be a religious advertisement after I dried it out..fooled me good..but I did find another one at the car wash a few years later.. this one was real..