Metal Detecting and Prospecting Accessories

Steve in PR

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I am not really experienced with Prospecting so anyone who would like to PM me with items that would be necessary to prospect successfuly, please help me out!

Every detectorist and prospector has their favorite combination of accessories that are used as part of the process of the hunt.

The equipment used by a detectorist differs depending on the area they will hunt. A relic hunter will carry some different items than a beach detectorist.

This guide will provide some basic equipment for each type of detecting environment. It will not mention specific manufacturers or design. That is for you to decide.

2 things to keep in mind when choosing your accessories: Durable and lightweight. A difficult combination to achieve.

Basic Equipment

Every detectorist, whether hunting for Relics or coins, should have a pouch to carry finds and trash, a digging tool and gloves to protect hands against cuts.

Relic and Dirt Hunting

Suggested additional equipment:

Knee pads

Consideration should be given if you will encounter roots that need to be removed to get to a target.

Beach Detecting

Whether you are hunting the dry sand or in the water, the basic equipment is the same. Where it differs depends on where you are hunting.

In the water, a long handled scoop is best. If you are in fresh water, it can be galvanized but if you hunt salt water, either stainless steel or aluminum would be best to resist corrosion.

On the dry sand, you can use a hand scoop of heavy plastic or metal to lighten your load instead of a long handled scoop.


Prospecting has a whole different set of equipment if you aren’t looking for nuggets with a detector.

Assuming you are not, then here is a list of items for people looking in streams and riverbeds. There are a lot of different scenarios for prospecting. You will need to equip yourself for the specific characteristics of where you will hunt.

Gold Pan kit
Concentrate bucket
Crevice Tool
Foldable stool
Guzzler Bottle
Rock hammer
Hand shovel

This is just a short list. Depending on your budget, the list can get quite lengthy (and heavy!), especially when you start adding ATVs, High-bankers and the like!