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Tonight.. Wed., May 20th, 2015...8:00 PM Eastern Time... BEYOND SIGHT AND SOUND....with Josh Kimmel (Treasure Seeker) and Co-host Kenny Moore (dirtbandit33)



This week on BEYOND SIGHT AND SOUND I am very pleased to announce that it's time to talk coils! More's time to talk Coiltek! That's right took a little time as they are very busy at Coiltek with all they do to continue to bring high performing coils to the detecting community and now we will have a opportunity to talk with Trevor from Coiltek! I'm sure Trevor needs little introduction for those of us who have heard of Coiltek coils and have been able to use them on our machines. I'm sure you've heard him speak on American Diggers Relic Round Up and on Detect America. With everything going on with Coiltek lately Trevor has finally gotten another chance to catch his breath so to speak and is taking a little time to drop in here on BEYOND SIGHT AND SOUND. Coiltek has produced some great coils in the past and continues to do so! Drop in and join us as we talk about what's been going on lately with Coiltek and possibly what's on the horizon for this company that is wise in the ways of the coil! You have any questions? We want to hear them! Tune in folks! We hope to hear from you!

Join us live tonight...Wed. May 20th, 8 PM Eastern
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