Minelab Excelerator Double D coils

Okay, I love my Safari. However, in trashy areas my 11 inch coil is taking me a lot longer to pinpoint the target I am trying to get. So I broke down tonight and got a new Excelerator double D 5" coil. I am hoping this helps in trashy areas and at the hunt (I will be taking them both to see which one serves me better!)
Has anyone else purchased these minelab coils????? What is your take on them??????


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Hey GW, I have the 5" Excelerator for my SE but have only used it a few times, seems to work well though. I also have an 8" coil which is the one that I usually use in trashy areas.....there's not too many areas that I hunt that's trashy enough to need the 5", but it's great for tot lots, picnic tables and bleachers! Good luck with it!


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Hi Sue Ellen !! I have the 5 inch and never use it.I had a 6 inch for my x-70 and loved it...used it all the time.the 5 inch excellerator coil just hasent impressed me much.A guy I know had one and broke it open and said that it was made pretty cheaply with just a couple of small strands of wire.I have heard good things about the 8 inch coil though and plan on getting one of thous.
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Have 6" EXcelerator coil on an Explorer 2 and love it. Also have the 5" and 4.5"x7" EXcelerator coils for a Whites M6 and have nothing but praise for them. I'm sure you'll do fine with the EXcelerator coil :bthumb: HH Bill