Minelab Explorer II Question

Wow glad I found this site, lots of info. Well here's my question, I just got my minelab explorer II that I won on Ebay auction. I was wondering, can I use it to find gold or do I need a differant detector? Is it just a matter of buying a differant coil? I have some gold that I found prospecting and it won't detect it at all. Thank in advance for any help.:bthumb:


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Hi and welcome to TQ, glad to have you with us! Congratulations on the ExII, I had one previous to the SE, and it's a great detector! It will find gold, not tiny gold though...for that you're best getting a dedicated gold detector. I think the best you can do with the Explorer is use a smaller coil, Deep setting with high Gain and high manual Sensitivity....I'm sure there's other settings I forgot, the the bottom line is that no matter the settings that you use, you won't find the tiny gold!


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Welcome to the site glad to have you on! Your detector will find gold maybe not the small stuff like Alan said. Good luck to you, Beale.
It just won't do it

It's a coin shooter at heart. Silver ANYTHING doesn't stand a chance at staying in the ground. Gold anything is perfectly safe from you (especially if it's small gold) :)
new m-lab exp. II user

My first dig with the exp.ii went really well..my first target was a gold ring , 8 clad, and one coin from midievil era india, bronze..no trash in between..
These machines pick up the alloy in gold very well...pinpoint is still a little difficult...
Try a program search on the web...and try diff settings in sense, gain and disc........
I have been hunting for about 15 years in the fl al area...first machines were whites sl and 6000di .
The minelab blows them away......
Detecting gold in vial.

I do have a vial with gold in it,. maybe 1/2 oz and the detector will not pick it up at all.
I have a gold bug 2 and small gold in a vial is almost impossible to detect with the same settings you would use to hunt for small nuggets. Take out the biggest nugget or flake you have and try it by itself. A vial full of small gold is like a fine gold necklace. CODY
I love my explorer II. It will find gold but like the others said it will not find the small stuff. If you want to prospect I would get a good gold detector. Good luck.