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Looking on Ebay one night, I saw program sheets for Minelab detectors for sale. The one for my Explorer XS was only ten bucks, so I thought I'd take a chance. Supposedly, you get an email with an attached file containing the settings, within 12 hours of purchase along with a hard copy in the mail. (Why bother?) Well, I purchased it late on a Friday hoping to have the file for Sunday. The file never came until the next Monday because the seller doesn't work on weekends. (That would have been nice to know.)

At any rate, I can't say whether the programs are good or bad. It would have been better if there was a brief description of why to use individual programs such as soil conditions, trash found, targets being sought etc. Instead there are over twenty programs which are loosely labeled including six that are labeled "Beach Program", and several which are labeled "General Program". I think there are probably some useful settings for the novice Minelab user (such as myself), so I'm not badmouthing the thing in general. Sometimes, "less is more", but sometimes a little more is a lot better. (If you know what I mean.)


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I bet if you had asked the various members who use the various Minelab detectors you could have gotten those settings absolutely free.
Minelab settings

If you haven't already bought Andy Sabisch's book on Explorers and Etracs, your money would have been better spent to do so.
I've seen those program offers too; but decided any monkey can troll the forums and put together plenty of programs for free.
Besides,if you think they'll make the ML foolproof , you'll be sadly mistaken.
Readings will vary tremendously from one site to another and even ML says their not perfect.
There's just no substitute for putting your time in and learning how different targets sound and what numbers show up.


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I agree and would never pay for a program with so many out there and some honest opinions from the people who made them and used them a lot. Most you can even ask them about tweaking it of the perks or minuses.

I have an Etrac and Andy Sabich's Park Program is good, but I tweaked it for my hunting area, and that made it even better, as you can tell by the pic of what I have notched out. It's amazing how much free stuff is out there!


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I have given away coin I.D. numbers for the AT PRO freely. I wouldn't dream of charging a TQ member for that information.
I asked for and recieved the best settings for the Excalibur from the Surfman. (Orosurf).
HungryGhost and Viddy were both forthcoming with settings for the E-trac.
I also ordered two books: Shoreline Treasure Hunting w/ Minelab's Excalibur as well as Andy Sabisch's book on programming the E-trac / Explorer:cool:
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There are a lot of good detecting books and articles available. Some cost and some for free. Like most of us, I've read the Sabich book, many times, and found it to be a good starting point that gets you in the ballgame, and gain experience, but there are many variables to be considered. Experience is truly the best teacher. Learn your machine and how it reacts before experimenting with settings. Playing with the settings-but keep track of what you tweak and the results- will really fine tune your machine. The worlds 'best' detector is only as good as its' operator!