Minelab Sovereign GT Battery Questions

Been all over all the forums and can't find an answer...

I think the rechargeable battery pack for my Minelab Sovereign GT is shot and I might have to rebuild/replace.

Two questions:

1. Rebuild: how does the case open? Any gotchas?
2. Replace: the ML rechargeable pack is only rated at 1000 mAh. Modern AA rechargeables are rated at nearly 3X that figure. Wouldn't I be better off buying the "alkaline" pack and installing modern NiMh batteries?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom.


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Sounds like it to me. I use rechargeable batteries in my AT Pro, Ace 350 and Pro pointer saves a bundle and last just as long on a charge as a high performance Alkaline. Plus the 3X the 1000 mAh just means they'll last longer. :)


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Yep, I have a Sovereign Elite (same battery pack and power supply) and I use the rechargeable pack as well as the extra AA pack. In the AA Pack I use 2500mAh NiMh batteries. I can hunt for a week with this combination.

By the way... I see your post count is "4", in case I missed your intro post (and I think I did :oops: )....

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