minelabs at least 10 years old.....


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how many minelab users have an machine thats at least 10 years old? what is the warranty on them..still covered? just wondering as minelab had notified its dealers last june that any machine 10 years old or older would no longer be repaired...i have a friend with an explorer xs and i believe you are approching the 10 year mark?.......he called and asked them and they said they are running out of parts or will no longer support them....they will fix them as long as they can...anyone else hear this?


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Hey Art you are correct. The old units will no longer be supported. It is a shame really. Most of these units are still working and well.

I know I remember seeing it, and was not happy to say the least, Beale.


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kinda makes you wonder about Minelab. Tesoro, Garrett and Whites fixes most anything they ever made regardless of age and sometimes for free even.


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I was just on their site today and looking for the following information...the new units (minus Excalibur series) have a three yr warranty. Excalibur have a 1 yr warranty...Its a shame about the older units...they should take a lesson from Tesoro and their lifetime warranty on all products...

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I would presume that they would make an exception, depending on the availability of parts needed. They want to keep folks happy, or at least they had better!!