Moving up slowly

Ok, so I've been slacking on here and have not really posted much lately. I have sold my Deleon and now am the proud owner of a Minelab explorer xs. I held on to the Silver U max because, well I really like It. The Deleon was also a great machine and would recommend to anyone. I felt like I needed more versatility and depth(so claimed). I had some great finds towards the end of the year, including IH's, an 1868 and 1874 that gave me 5 for the year. How often when you find a coin and wish it was newer. Well I also found a nice 1912 V nickel if only it were a 1913.


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Welcome back BP,
so let us know what goodies ya find with that xs now..wohoo congrats to you on that machine, I hear its a killer deep coin finder too..:bthumb: