Muzzling your Garrett

I love this pin pointer, but boy is it loud! I tried covering the speaker with electrical tape, which worked, but it leaves goo that collects dirt. I was enjoying a lobster this afternoon, and saved the rubber bands that hold the claws shut. Put in on the pin pointer. Nice tight fit, wide enough to cover the speaker, and cuts the volume by half.



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Ice, I know this is a couple months old but since I have bought the GPP and know what you mean. Only thing is I can't afford lobster so now what?:lol::lol: I do have lots and lots of electrical tape.
:rofl: Amazing how long a post can live.

Wife and I vacation in Maine every year. It's been my experience that you don't spend any more on a bug than you would for a big piece of cow. Although I know that's not true in other parts of the country.