What kind of batteries ya'll use? I used to buy nothing but Duracell rechargeable, then in the last year I couldn't find any. I just bought some Rayovac with a charger, but they don't seem to hold a charge. I charged them, put them in, they showed full charge as I hunted for about an hour, then the next day only see two dots on the power gauge. I recharged them hoping they needed a break in, but they did the same thing. Now I have used them for 3 days, with only two dots showing, they don't seem to be going any lower, but I don't trust them. I just did a search and found a bunch of Duracells, I might of been looking for the same charger I used to have, that died, and couldn't find it. I hate to go spend more on a different brand...I didn't notice until now, the rechargeable's are 1.2 volt, whereas the regular are 1.5 volt, would that make a difference?

I don't want a battery pack, at least not a NiCad...
I just took the batteries that came in the detector out. It was a brand I had never heard of, Nuon, they are just alkaline, not rechargeable. They held all four dots for along time, then just recently went to two. I haven't been able to use it a lot since I got it, until lately. The Rayovac's I have are 1350 mAh...I have used them about 3 hours, and they are staying the same.