MXT good for upstate, NY?????

Is/would the MXT be a good choice for upstate,NY area? Searching for coins, and wading in Keuka Lake swimming holes? or should I go with a true coin/jewelry machine?
I would like to get this 1. ebay item number 320239713495


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The MXT is a very good machine. It was in the top 3 units in my hunting to buy. Lots of folks do very well with them. Good all round unit, Beale.
I used a MXT for along time, they are really good machines! I loved mine and maybe one day I will have another one. It was one of my favorite machines to use,Charlie


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I would check with the sponsers..for a good price..I am leary of Buying some stuff on ebay..look at the top of the page lots of great sponsers here..
I see you race Monster RC trucks..I have a few Basher units..just sold 1 I kept my Tmax 3.3 Wheelie monster..Looks like your into it deep..good luck..and welcome to TQ..
DO NOT PAY that much for one, Check with our sponsors first, They are all GREAT people to deal with, They will save you alot of money, Godbless,CHarlie


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I hunt in Upstate NY and use a Whites. Because of the the acidic soil a machine with autotrac does well and yes the MXT will be fine. Good luck. Where in Upstate are you?